Tsunami warnings canceled after magnitude-7.9 natural disaster off Alaska

The quake was recorded at about 12:30 a.m. local time about 175 miles southeast of Kodiak Island. "Everybody was at least a couple of hundred miles away from this quake".

But the amount of calls CRD officials received due to tsunami fears has convinced Hicks that the next time a warning is issued by B.C. Emergency, the system will be initiated and evacuations are likely to occur.

Forecasters canceled tsunami warnings for Alaska and the USA and Canadian west coasts Tuesday after an quake in the Gulf of Alaska stoked fears of damaging waves. Officials at the National Tsunami Center canceled the warning after a few tense hours after waves failed to show up in coastal Alaska communities.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) said tsunami waves of less than 300mm have been confirmed.

Elsewhere in the United States, Washington state, Oregon, California and Hawaii were under tsunami watches, which eventually were lifted.

"At that point, we began whittling down the areas that are actually placed in alerts", Hale said. One death was reported in connection with the tsunami. Places in tsunami danger zones have sirens.

Keith Perkins, who lives in the southeast Alaska community of Sitka, arrived at the high school early Tuesday morning, after an alarm on his cellphone alerted him of the tsunami warning. There is always a review after an event of this scale and it's too early to say what worked and what didn't, he said. Residents in Alaska have reported that it's the strongest one that they have seen in nearly 20 years.

Many Vancouver Island residents first learned from friends and relatives as far away as Antigua and England that a 7.9-magnitude natural disaster in the Gulf of Alaska had triggered a tsunami alert for the west coast of British Columbia. The wave never materialised there or in other coastal communities like Homer and Seward, and the warning was soon cancelled.

On April 25th, 2015, a 7.8-magnitude natural disaster struck Nepal's capital of Kathmandu, the largest quake the country had ever experienced.

No injuries or significant damage have been reported in Alaska from the quake. The state emergency management agency also had no immediate reports of damage.

There are secondary benefits of warning wide swaths of people, Fode said, because people also warn one another. Fleeing motorists sometimes clogged the only highway out of their towns in the rush to get to higher ground.

Lt. Tim Putney of the Kodiak Police Department said the natural disaster woke him up out of a dead sleep, and he estimates it shook for at least 30 seconds.

"The problem when you're living in an area like this, if it does happen, go out on the porch, sit down, pour a drink and enjoy the ride because you're not going to go anywhere", Boyle said.

Schools were opened as evacuation shelters, and about 500 people took shelter at the Kodiak High School.

Earthquakes of similar magnitude are not uncommon in Alaska, which is seismically active.

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