MLK Day, civil rights and the racial divide in the US

Scholarship recipient Keion Devalt II, left, receives his plaque from Nathaniel Young, left, and chapter president Rev. Brandon Tucker, right, during the annual scholarship breakfast hosted by the local UT chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha at The Pinnacle.

A key goal of Saturday's event involved emphasizing how the lessons espoused by King continue to be exemplified by the lives of folks in Surry County.

But in between, the president sat in a White House meeting on immigration policy and denigrated much of the African diaspora as "shithole countries" while expressing a preference for immigrants from Norway, a majority white nation.

As our thoughts turn from the 89th anniversary of his birth next week to the 50th anniversary of his death in April, there is no better time to review his opposition to the Vietnam War, his commitment to the Poor People's Campaign, and his death in Memphis in support of sanitation workers who were on strike for a living wage.

"Thank you so much". We must stand up and persevere.

During a speech to African leaders last fall, he referred to the non-existent country of "Nambia" when attempting to discuss Namibia.

In the years following her father's death, her mother would successfully spearhead the establishment of the Martin Luther King, Jr.

"We felt that Martin Luther King was all about the children: empowering them and inspiring them and making a better way for them", she said. "It would be wonderful to have a president who talked about bringing America together and exhibited that, who was involved in doing a social project. that would show humility".

Today, the 27th Unity Breakfast kicks off a day of commemorative events honoring King and his legacy.

Scott Thurmond, executive director for Friends of the Mission, said this will be the fifth year Fourth & Hope and Friends of the Mission have invited people to participate in the national day of service. In their private lives and as members of a caring community, they would regard each person as an image of God, and an heir to a legacy of dignity and worth with rights that are not derived from the state but from God.

"One quote from Dr. King that plays over and over in my head is 'Riots are the language of the unheard.' It has significant meaning in these days and times, given the current political moment".

But Booker, one of two black senators, said Trump's critics must mobilize against his policies or risk being consumed by their own hurt and anger. Lacking even a touch of empathy, the "great tragedy", then Governor Reagan asserted, "began when we started compromising with law and order, and people started choosing which laws they'd break".

"It's about letting the next generation understand that they have a role to play and they have an opportunity to fulfill that role given to them by Dr. King and others involved in the civil rights movement". The Hispanic unemployment rate dropped a full point in the past year and is close to the lowest in recorded history. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, the national King holiday, and the King monument on the National Mall. Ebo, working to end the plague of racism and hatred.

Garrett said she was guided by King's spirit of generosity and kindness during her volunteer work for the dinner.