Kate Winslet, Stephen Colbert Reenact 'Titanic' Ending

Yeah, that bloomin' great big door that Rose grabbed hold of after the ship went down, and basically saved her life while Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) was left to freeze to death. "I like. I fully lie", she hilariously says.

Winslet stopped by to answer some questions in honor of the film's 20th anniversary, and after offering up a few fun facts - for instance, it was Cameron who really drew her like one of his "French girls" for that memorable sketch scene - she and the host turned the talk to Jack's sad send off.

Between essentially murdering Jack in cold blood (literally) and throwing a priceless jewel into the depths of the ocean, Rose was a real selfish piece of work.

Although it was rumored that she got pneumonia after filming scenes in the water, Winslet clarified that she actually got hypothermia. "I let him go".

"I agree. I lie. Plus, he just should have tried harder to get on that door".

As if that weren't enough, the duo proceeded to demonstrate what this alternate Titanic ending would have looked like by literally hopping atop Colbert's anchor desk. Winslet confirms that Paramount wanted Matthew McConaughey for the role of Jack, revealing that she actually auditioned with McConaughey at one point. "I think we came up with it on the day", she said. Not even the late, great Roger Ebert or any other armchair film critic had that label attached to Jack before. Colbert began. "You'll let me get up on that door with you". Filmmaker James Cameron has explained a thousand times over how, scientifically, there was no room for both characters on the door (it would sink), but that hasn't stopped this easy joke from circulating.

And this time, all it took was a scoot.