New College Football Playoff odds released

For the entire month of November, the eyes of the FSU football fans and the college football world have been focused on a few minutes each Tuesday night when the College Football Playoff committee releases their list of the top 25 teams in the sport - and, more importantly, who would be the top four teams that would make the playoff if it started that week.

It will be an interesting finish to the year, and the field of four teams is sure to be hotly debated when the time comes.

The thing that is hurting the Crimson Tide is their resume.

Which conference will win the CFP National Championship?

Clemson should be the top team in the rankings, but that doesn't matter a ton since the ACC Championship serves as a de-facto playoff quarterfinal, just like the title games in the SEC, Big 12 and Big Ten.

So if Georgia beats Auburn in the SEC Championship, and Wisconsin beats Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship, then the highest-ranked non-playoff team from those conferences likely would be one-loss Alabama ahead of three-loss Auburn and three-loss Ohio State and two-loss Penn State.

According to the most recent prediction model, of the 10 teams that still have a chance of making the final four, TCU now has the ninth best chance at 6 percent. "Entering that Auburn game, it (Alabama) was 62nd in strength of schedule".

Of course, if Wisconsin and Oklahoma take care of business Saturday, the playoff field will be set with the ACC and SEC champions filling out the bracket alongside the Badgers and Sooners.

Auburn has a resume that few in the country can match, and it has talent that is hard to stop on offense with Jarrett Stidham and Kerryon Johnson leading the charge.

Ohio State's situation might be the most complex since it could sit behind Alabama, Georgia and Miami (FL) in the playoff rankings.

If the scenario arises that the Buckeyes win the Big Ten, there's an argument for and against Urban Meyer's team.

Clemson (11-1) - I'm not an ACC homer and I also don't think SC was one of the top 25 teams in college football last week. And Miami, which ascended to No. 2 in the committee's rankings last week, will fall after losing at Pittsburgh.