Microsoft Office Now Widely Available on Chromebooks

Android app support arrived on Chromebooks well over a year ago although the rollout wasn't exactly universal. The Office apps consistently worked on Google's high-end Pixel laptops, but users of more mainstream Chromebooks weren't often so lucky.

As Chrome Unboxed correctly highlights, this won't mean new functionality for all. The apps were free to use for viewing and editing documents on phones if users signed in to their Microsoft account.

Of course, why it took so long for Microsoft to iron out the kinks remains a mystery.

We've reached out to Microsoft for comment. Users of the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Acer Chromebook 15, and Acer C771 have all reported seeing the app available for their devices.

Microsoft has been developing an Android Chromebook version of its do-everything Office suite of programs for about a year now.

This week Chromebooks are once again able to use the entire Microsoft Office app suite VIA Android apps.

"So, like we do, we checked every Chrome OS device we have and can confirm they all show every Office app in the Play Store ready for download".

Chromebook users can already tap into cloud-based productivity services like Google Drive, which can convert Microsoft file formats.

Although there's been no official word from either party, Chrome Unboxed has been tinkering with the various offerings and it appears that they are all now working as they should. Now the most commonly used document app suite of all time makes for a Chrome OS environment to be reckoned with. Despite several Chromebooks being able to download and install the Office apps when Google opened up the Play Store to the laptop products, for many other Chromebooks they weren't available.

However, there is a small requirement for Chromebooks that feature screens larger than 10.1-inch.