Google Pixel smartphones gets smart battery features

In order to access this feature all you need to do is head over to Settings Battery.

As you can see in Google's modelling below, the battery usage chart with Smart Battery isn't just a linear progression anymore.

The Pixel 2 series is very important for Google to establish itself as a premium smartphone brand. For instance, if the battery level depleted by 20 percent in the last 4 hours the system would presume that the device will be used in the same manner henceforth.

To improve on these crude estimates, Google now uses software on each Pixel device which learns how the owner uses that device's battery power over time. "This means that if you're like me and love to binge-watch YouTube on your way home, your phone will include that extra battery drain from Corgi videos in your estimate!" Michelle inserts that it informs you both, the percent of battery present and how many hours the mobile phone will provide you service. Additionally, there is a new app drawer which will now let you search your history along with the installed apps. Further, the new process allows users to adjust toggles for battery-saver mode and auto-brightness. A Google product manager yesterday announced what it called the "smarter way' that your Pixel smartphones will calculate the remaining battery life".

Google Pixel smartphones gets smart battery features
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The battery life figures can be observed by moving in settings and then under the battery section and there you can see your battery life prediction. Hence, to enhance the accuracy, Google developed an on-device model.

The new trait is aimed at Pixel users for nowadays, but we can expect it to dribble down to more Android appliances in the prospect.

As always, the search giant promises to further improve your battery experience on the Pixel devices, and also asks for suggestions from users.