170 firefighters battle fire in 6-story apartment building

The fire started just after 3pm local time inside a six-storey building at 565 W. 144th St. near Broadway, quickly spreading to five alarms.

The fire was on the top two floors of the building.

A six-story building in Hamilton Heights, Harlem caught fire around 3 p.m. Friday.

"I'm not even anxious about the building itself, I'm anxious about the people that live there".

The Fire Department of NY said more than 200 firefighters were at the scene.

He said firefighters would enter the building to search for the missing tenant as soon as it was deemed safe. One civilian suffered smoke inhalation.

"I didn't know what to think", said Minerva Read, a resident of the building. "We took the children and left and are monitoring the situation, and anxious about the wind and flames jumping from building to building".

The same traffic camera showed debris enveloped in flames falling down to to the street below as the facade and roof of the building crumbled under the intensity of the blaze.

As of 5pm the fire was not under control, according to officials at the scene. At least 40 families have been displaced. Kristen Carlberg's roommate grabbed her cat Polly and ran.

The blaze caused non-life-threatening injuries to four firefighters and one pedestrian.

The American Red Cross has opened a reception area in the neighbourhood to assist families left homeless by the fire. PS 153 at 1750 Amsterdam Ave.is set up as a reception center for residents to get aid, hot meal and information.