Dance floor collapses under crowd of jumping partygoers, 6 injured

A party that involved a lot of jumping is believed to be the cause of a floor collapse at a student apartment complex in Denton early Sunday morning. Busari says he fell through the floor himself, and that the party spiraled out of control when people he didn't know suddenly appeared. About 50 residents haven't been able to return to their apartmentst.

At least 48 residents of the complex have been displaced due to the incident.

A party at the University of North Texas was apparently so lit this weekend that the floor actually collapsed.

Many who were at the party could be seen crawling over beams and plywood after the collapse.

Denton Police say they are working to confirm the previous noise complaints, but said those kinds of calls are low priority and people have usually left the party by the time police arrive.

"TV's, computers, just everything. We haven't even lived here three months, and everything we have is gone and destroyed".

Carley Carroll is a UNT sophomore who lives on the second floor directly below the unit that collapsed.

An investigation into the structural failing is now underway, while apartment management and the university have worked to help secure housing in dorms or hotels for affected students in the building. The fire department says it will be up to the city to determine if there were any code violations.

She said: "It's just one of those, it's like it happened".

The Ridge at North Texas lists itself online as "a student-only community located in Denton, Texas, which serves the students of the University of North Texas, Texas Woman's University, and North Central Texas College".