Stranger Things season 2 : the ultimate trailer puts us above below

Season two will continue where the first left off, with Noah Schnapp's Will dealing with the trauma of his time in the dark, alternate dimension known as the Upside Down.

In the Season 2 trailer, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is back, with a mop of curly hair in place of her close buzz cut from Season 1.

There's plenty to unpack in this new promo. As the new season gets tantalisingly closer, Netflix has finally gifted us with another trailer to get us even more excited for the next instalment.

But yeah, it's kind of hard not to just focus on the monster.

Netflix has the right idea, and is celebrating the spooky holiday with the release of the final trailer for Stranger Things season two. Creators/showrunners The Duffer Brothers have described the nine-episode second season as more of a sequel than a new season, and indeed that's kind of the theme of this one last trailer. Will is in and out of hospitals, undergoing a series of evaluations after returning from the Upside Down. The trailer highlights that Will hasn't been himself ever since he came back from the "Upside down" and his mother, played by Winona Ryder, is just as anxious for him as she was in the last season.

It's nearly here. Stranger Things 2 will take us back to The Upside Down in two weeks, with all nine episodes streaming on Netflix Oct. 27.