Trump warns 'disgusting' press after nuclear policy report

The Federal Communications Commission issues broadcasting licenses in the United States largely to ensure stations don't trip over each other when transmitting.

"Recent reports that the President called for an increase in the US nuclear arsenal are absolutely false", Mattis said without naming NBC.

Broadcast licenses have previously been revoked by authoritarian leaders including the late former president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, who revoked a number of broadcast licenses of stations that displayed stringent anti-Chavez views.

In February, Trump said he was going to build up the USA nuclear arsenal to ensure it is at the "top of the pack", and said the US has fallen behind in its atomic weapons capacity.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed a report that said he wants to increase the country's nuclear stockpile by a factor of ten, accusing the press of making it up entirely.

Both Bennet and DeGette are Democrats. Earlier this year, she told Jake Tapper of CNN-one of the president's favorite targets-that she doesn't think the network is "fake news", as the president has repeatedly suggested. "Pure fiction, made up to demean", Trump tweeted. The FCC issues broadcast licenses to stations. These licenses must periodically be renewed. The Los Angeles Times reported that NBC and other networks don't hold licenses that cover their entire networks.

"No. The press should speak more honestly, I mean, I've seen tremendously dishonest press". Schatz raised the possibility of the White House interfering with the FCC's affairs and questioned Chairman Pai about any inappropriate contact the FCC may have had with the White House.

The president's suggestion is unlikely to do much to ease his frustrations.

"It's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write, and people should want to look into it", Trump fumed as he met his Canadian counterpart in the Oval Office. Donald Trump's statement is unambiguously un-American. "Any insinuation that elected officials could use the levers of government to control or censor the news media would represent a startling degradation of the freedom of press".

Markey asked Pai to "publicly refuse to challenge the license of any broadcaster because the president dislikes its coverage".

Others took a more pragmatic view of things.