Marilyn Manson Cancels Shows After New York Stage Injury

Marilyn Manson was injured on Saturday, September 30, when stage props fell on him during a New York City concert.

In a video taken at the concert, Manson can be seen performing his cover of "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics, when a prop-that appears to be two big guns-falls on him.

A representative told Rolling Stone magazine that: "Manson suffered an injury towards the end of his incredible NYC show". Variety reported that the house and stage lights remained down for several minutes as crew members tried to help Manson.

The postponed dates include Boston, Chicago, Toronto and Houston.

The extent of his injuries are not yet known yet.

According to some gig-goers, the singer had been attempting to climb the prop before they gave way and fell on top of him. Manson and his band launched his "Heaven Upside Down" tour just two days ago in Maryland.

Marilyn Manson Injured During New York Concert
Marilyn Manson hospitalised after being crushed by stage prop at US show

Videos of the incident have emerged on Twitter.


"It happened in the middle of his song 'Sweet Dreams, '" a fan present at the show, Yousif Al Zaid, told The Guardian. It did not take long before rumors began circulating concerning Manson's condition.

Pictures and clips of Manson being crushed by the stage props and on his way to hospital also emerged on the social media sharing platform. Heaven Upside Down is released October 6, with an insane video to stoke the fire. He has tour dates scheduled through December across North America and Europe.

The singer's onstage mishap occurred during the third date of his Heaven Upside Down tour, with an album of the same name slated for release next week.

The boys, who were both 18 at the time, were said to have been fans of Manson.