Z & Ryan Gosling Are 'Together Again at Last' in 'SNL' Promos

Well, that's exactly what happened on last night's Saturday Night Live. It's just so dumb that you can't help but laugh about.

I know, I know.

Gosling was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as jazz musician Sebastian in Damien Chazelle's acclaimed musical La La Land.

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Although he managed to keep things together for the majority of a freakish sketch involving the love affair between a chicken and a fugitive, things broke down when Aidy Bryant's chicken attempted to grab a gun from him with her feathery, little wings. The cold open might have been more topical, and I personally found some of the later sketches funnier, but this one serves as the first "statement" from this cast. When they were announced near the end of last season, it was a pretty huge story.

The sketch itself wasn't all that bad, but poor Gosling couldn't keep a straight face throughout as Kate McKinnon had him desperately trying to keep down the laughter.

Oh my. Oh my. The cops are close on his tail, and. you know what? Gosling featured in some weird sketches, including romancing a chicken, overreacting to a restaurant menu switch, playing a flute player in a bar and a man obsessed with the font on the "Avatar" poster. It's a whole movie and honestly I'm just so happy this sketch exists. We have waited for long enough and finally the hilarious sketch comedy show is bringing back new episodes as of today. You can tune into the show in real time on NBC's website and app, and if you're a Hulu customer, you can also watch it live on the streaming service. Basically Ryan Gosling's a rock flute player with a love triangle. The cast certainly put their best foot forward, but this episode felt like a shaky beginning for the late night sketch series. It did have Leslie Jones ripping a pair of trousers terribly and that's all you really need in life, right? And next week is host Gal Gadot!