Jennifer Garner HIGH After Surgery Is The FUNNIEST Thing We've Seen

While there are not that many people that beat classic internet video, but Jennifer Garner's recent #TBT comes damn close.

The star took to Instagram to share a throwback video of herself, right after she had a bout of dental surgery and the after effects of some "dental anaesthesia" set in. "They said 'Are you okay?' and I said 'It's so handsome, it's so attractive, '" she adds, as the person on the other end of the line does little to hide their giggles.

Miranda lovingly shared the video, saying Garner had shared it with him a year ago and he couldn't believe she posted it online.

Then she starts laughing and crying again - garbling her words through her heavily numbed mouth.

She is laughing and crying with emotion for the Hamilton song.

Garner explained the circumstances in her Instagram caption, revealing that she'd been given laughing gas and Novocain for the dental work she had done. It was so handsome, that music was so pretty. "It's so attractive! Listen to this song!'"

But no one seems to have been as affected by exactly like Jennifer Garner was. "And so I told them about it, they have to see it".

Whoever was on the other line for that call must have been entertained. "I'm going to send you this song ..."