Alphabet is reportedly considering investing $1 billion in Lyft

An investment in Lyft would complicate an already confusing mix of alliances and.

Alphabet is now a shareholder at Uber as well through its venture capital company GV, but Waymo, an Alphabet unit is now suing Uber for technology for self-driving vehicles.

Sources say that the possible $1 billion investment may come from Google of CapitalG, but there is no confirmation on whether the deal will be completed or not. An investment from Google could help the company achieve that goal and give it a leg up on its archrival Uber.

While the relationship was deteriorating, Waymo signed a pact with Lyft to be a partner on the testing of autonomous vehicles.

Before the falling out, Alphabet's venture capital arm, GV, was an investor in Uber. The money could help the U.S. ride-sharing service expand to global markets and try to take some business away from rivals.

We believe that Alphabet's expertise in data collecting, storing and monetizing makes it a formidable player in the autonomous driving market. It's likely that the litany of scandals that have plagued Uber in recent months has been a source of major benefits for Lyft.

Meanwhile, SoftBank reportedly is in talks to invest as much as $10 billion in Uber - a deal that has been rumored to be in the works for weeks, but which threatens to lower Uber's almost $70 billion valuation.

However, Lyft could come as a welcomed addition to Canadian streets, as it's not only known for being a safer ride-share option but also for the treatment of its drivers. Uber sales have slipped throughout the year from lawsuits, former CEO Travis Kalanick stepping down, probing into competitors, and evading government regulations and officials.

That sort of money would allow Lyft to ratchet up its competition for drivers domestically - Uber has long used the billions in its coffers to help lure drivers with incentives - as well as consider an global expansion. Therefore, Lyft still needs to remain on its toes to outdo Uber in the near future.

In San Francisco, the company has expanded its shuttle service with a total eight routes, and it has six sroutes in Chicago.

Alphabet isn't the only one showing interest.