Jean-Claude Juncker warns Britain over Brexit - 'You will regret it'

"We started to fix the roof".

During a state of the union address, Mr Juncker spoke about securing new EU trade deals with New Zealand and Australia, ruled out Turkey becoming a member and said a new migrant deportation policy would be proposed by the end of September. They scoffed at Juncker's warning that Britons would soon regret leaving and said UKIP would look forward to that weekend 18 months hence to celebrate Britain's "liberation" from what they call European Union diktat from Brussels.

"If a foreign, state-owned company wants to buy a strategic port, or part of our energy infrastructure... this must be done transparently, with scrutiny and debate", Juncker said.

"More democracy means more efficiency", he said.

"And today, we are proposing to open trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand", he told European Union lawmakers.

"The former Luxembourg premier urged deeper integration across the board, calling for more states to join the euro and the passport-free Schengen area, and proposing a single European Union chief and dedicated pan-European finance minister". I must say, it was more a fools' vision of Europe because he seemed to have totally ignored the realities of Europe.

The Government is also offering to agree joint foreign policy positions with Brussels, including co-operating on worldwide sanctions against states or terrorist organisations.

"I also see a strong case for tasking the new European Public Prosecutor with prosecuting cross-border terrorist crimes".

Amid the buoyant tone of the Address, Juncker stressed to parliamentary members that they would have to act immediately because the "window of opportunity" to become a more united union "wouldn't stay open forever".

Juncker said he was "saddened" with the refusal by the ex-communist eastern states to take in refugees arriving in the bloc to help their western and southern peers.

"We have stepped up the fight against terrorist propaganda and radicalization online".

The biggest challenge to achieving his long list of ambitions by then will be overcoming entrenched national interests: "Democracy is about compromise", he said in a blunt warning to the squabbling leaders he wants to come together in Transylvania.

Juncker said cyber-attacks "can be more risky to the stability of democracies and economies than guns and tanks".

European Parliament Vice President Mairead McGuinness, who is a member of the parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee, said a proposal has been discussed which outlines a reduction in the total number of MEPs but proposes additional seats for certain countries including Ireland.