Nintendo Increases SNES Mini Production, Brings Back NES Mini

Additional units of the Super NES will ship later this month on September 29th, the launch date of the sustem, along with additional shipments arriving, and I quote Nintendo once more, "regularly".

Finally, Nintendo announced that in summer 2018, the NES Classic Edition will return to stores with new shipments.

The NES Classic released in 2016 and proved to be much more popular than Nintendo had anticipated. There are costly realities to product manufacturing, and it's more than likely Nintendo just couldn't sustain production of both the NES Classic and the still relatively scarce Switch.

While new shipments of the NES Classic are coming, fans can only hope that they don't sell out too soon.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition.

Nintendo is dramatically increasing supply of its upcoming Super NES Classic Edition console, the $80 miniature version of the original Super Nintendo console that plays 21 built-in games.

What you have to remember, when people are losing their minds over the SNES Classic Mini pre-orders, is that some people are getting through the pre-order process.

Nintendo will also make regular shipments of the consoles to stores following its September 29 launch date.

The company also promised to re-release it mini Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) next summer, after a criticized initial offering past year.

You can find out more about the NES Classic and SNES Classic at their respective websites.

Nintendo also confirmed that production of the SNES Classic will not cease at the end of 2017 as originally planned. The NES Classic will return to store shelves next Summer. We've been lamenting for weeks about the limited availability of the SNES Classic, and the frustration in trying to acquire one as an average working adult. With today's announcement, it seems the company is keeping its word. Nintendo promises to produce more of these systems than the NES minis.