This is the new, cheaper Nest Thermostat

Nest has unveiled its newest learning thermostat device, which has a lowered price tag ($249), and functional features that are simply hard to resist.

The newly redesigned Nest Thermostat E. Along with the new look, the device also features a frosted display - which is created to blend into the home by letting light out but not letting it in - and more simple scheduling.

The original Nest Thermostat was built to stand out; it was meant to sit on the wall and flex its shine and be something of a conversation piece - or, at least, as much of a conversation piece as a thermostat could be. The first Nest Thermostat is evaluated to function with 95 percent of homes. So why buy the more expensive one when the cheaper model can practically do anything that you'd expect a smart thermostat can do?

The new Thermostat E brings a new look and new features at a lower price point. When turned off, the frosted display takes on a glacier-gray color and fades into the background.

The Thermostat E has a soft look and feel, with a frosted display and a white polycarbonate ring. While there's still an on-device menu system, the cheaper Nest doesn't have the "farsight" feature, which allows the Nest to show the time, temperature, or weather when not in use. You can start placing your orders on August 31 at Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy, Amazon, and of course, Nest's official website.

After what seems like an eternity in the tech gadget world, Google's Nest business has finally come out with a new thermostat device to join their Nest Learning Thermostat.

According to the Nest, its thermostats saved around 14 billion Kwh of energy and also reduced the heating bills of the customers.

That note about the Thermostat E blending into any environment is an interesting one, and it speaks to the market Nest is addressing with this new product. Meanwhile, they've dropped a few wiring connections inside that Nest says will limit compatibility to around 85% of USA houses rather than 95% - so if you've already checked if the original model will work with your place, you might want to check again here. And in addition to app control on your phone, laptop, or smartwatch, the thermostat supports voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Thermostat E, meanwhile, is meant to blend in.

The changes, while minor, are a notable departure from the Alphabet-owned Nest Labs.