Thankyouverymuch For Nothing: Elvis Estate Treats Fans of The King Like Peasants

And with so many tracks to choose from, we are asking which is Elvis Presley's greatest song?

Elvis Presley, American icon and King of rock n roll, transformed popular culture, sold over a billion records and is idolized as ever on the 40th anniversary of his tragic death.

Elvis Presley is universally known as "The King of Rock and Roll".

Officially Elvis died, at the age of 42, from a heart attack.

The auction has been organised for charity which enables sellers to list items to benefit non-profit organisations.

Elvis Presley died 40 years ago today.

"When I was a child, I used to listen to him all the time", said Roxana Galaz, who came from Santiago, Chile, to join the throng of thousands who descended on Graceland for a candlelight vigil for Elvis.

The piano will be on sale for 10 days, ending on August 20.

Many people came to Graceland in their most festive Elvis attire, some like Paul Royse had the king's wardrobe matched perfectly.

Despite being recorded more than 250 times, Elvis' 1956 version of Hound Dog is the most memorable and is also one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Some fans said Elvis played a special part in their lives.

49-year-old Lisa Marie chose to sport a red satin dress and dressed up her twin daughters in similar pink and white outfits. The second is the more serious films where, Presley, anxious to show his bona fides as a real actor, takes on characters and situations that are far from the music and dancing of his other films.

"He broke the mold", Priscilla told Jenna Bush Hager, in an interview live from Elvis' Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Asked what Elvis' allure was, Priscilla couldn't help but gush. "They remind me so much of him", she said. Royse said he can recall the moment he found out Elvis passed away.

A crowd that size will have a lot of different reasons for being there, but the common thread is that Elvis and Elvis's music meant something to them.