Iran parliament ratifies legislation to counter USA anti-Iran moves

President Donald Trump signed legislation to impose fresh sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile programme in July.

The bill also imposes sanctions against several USA entities which, Iran says, are involved in supporting terrorism in the Middle East.

Parliament overwhelmingly approved the outlines of the bill to "counter America's terrorist and adventurist actions", state broadcaster IRIB reported. The vote comes amid growing tensions with the United States over the Iranian nuclear deal, which President Trump has said he would like to see cancelled. A total of 240 parliamentarians out of 244 present voted for the bill.

The budget bill allocates $260m for the continuing development of the missile programme and $260 million for the Quds Force, Irna news agency reported.

Washington's new sanctions violate a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran both "in letter and spirit".

Araghchi, also in defense, said the countermeasure bill is "much stronger" than US Congress bill against Iran, since it also extends support to the Islamic Republic's armed forces and all related ministries. The bill cites "hostile" US policies against Iran, and American "adventurism in the region aimed at creating divisions", Tasnim reported.

It considers the entirety of the U.S. military forces and intelligence operatives in the region to be supporters of regional terrorist groups, and subject to punitive measures.

Iran has launched ballistic missiles in tests, something it is allowed to do under the deal, despite American criticism.

To counter U.S. economic sanctions, the government has been ordered to provide a comprehensive plan on expanding economic cooperation with world countries, especially Iran's neighbors and friends as well as the countries which have likewise been subject to Washington's embargoes.