Miami man wins The Bachelorette's heart

Despite all that weirdness, or maybe because of it, The Bachelorette 2017 finale was still was one the most fascinating moments in the show's history. Kraus has not posted a picture with or of Lindsay since mid-July.

During the finale, Lindsay professed her love for Abasolo.

"You need more time". But on the other hand (I think there are too many hands at this point), I didn't come all this way to find a boyfriend. "I about walked off", he told The Hollywood Reporter on the call.

And then there was one. It threw me off.

"We just want to bring our lives together, " he said. Do I get up and leave?

Then Peter claimed, "I feel attacked". Do I break down and cry right here on national TV? I felt that love. Considering what she said about the whole proposal, we can only conclude that he is the flawless man for her. And it was something that I couldn't respond to. I mean with Bryan's good looks what could possible go wrong? Kraus asked himself as he bawled into his sweater.

She added, "It's confusing why people would think that I would settle for such an important decision just to get a ring on my finger". "You are the face of a franchise". Things just felt choppy going back and forth between the episode and their reactions. "I do not hold her against her for it".

Rachel sent home a crowd favorite, there was a very long, agonizing breakup, and it all culminated in an extremely windy, hollow-ish proposal that didn't seem quite right. He seemed so sure, which I loved - but also kind of terrified me. "At the end, it was not tough for me. It was hard for me, but it didn't mean I didn't know what I was going to do or that I regret the decision that I made".

He did, however, say that he went into the Bachelorette with an open mind and that if he were given the chance to be the Bachelor, he hopes he would be able to propose in the end. I can't help but think he won't have any trouble finding another special someone. Then he would be playing the same game we've seen reality stars play too often - the one where the B-list star tries everything to stay in the spotlight at all costs. "I see my future".

"I was incredibly emotional at the time", Peter explained. We never really get the full story as to why Peter does not meet her at in the dramatic hilltop scene, although for two (very painful) segments, the two talk about their failed relationship with Chris Harrison when they are reunited and forced to sit on a couch together in ABC's studio in Los Angeles, during the live portion of the show. The format of the finale, the way that Rachel Lindsay responded to her final three guys and of course the big break-up with Peter was just off.

"I wish you nothing but the best and I just really want happiness for you", Peter told Rachel, with her responding: "I swear I want the same for you". Our gal Rachel Lindsay ended up choosing Bryan Abasolo, the smooth-talking, bearded wonder from Miami one wanted to win.

Lindsay, who had to give the runner-up his walking papers, finally settled on Abasolo after Kraus refused to commit to an engagement. "He'd been dating her for two months", she said. "He wasn't willing to do it".