Destiny 2 Will Not Support XSplit, OBS, or Discord Functions

Bungie confirmed that third-party applications that are dependent on overlays would not support Destiny 2 on PC. But other methods will work, including hardware capture through Elgato or AVerMedia.

Bungie's upcoming online shooter, Destiny 2, has hit open beta for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

NVIDIA Shadowplay and AMD ReLive are supported. Unfortunately, OBS and XSplit will not work in full screen. but they will work in windowed mode (and borderless windowed) in both Screen Capture and Window Capture modes; while similar applications like Dxtory and Razer Cortex will have similar limitations. Apparently, quite a few services will not work with Destiny 2. Streaming and Game Capture The following are examples of streaming applications which have features that are not compatible with Destiny 2. Still, considering that pretty much every Twitch streamer under the sun uses either OBS or XSplit, these rules are definitely going to cause some issues come launch day. Notification features may still be provided through the third-party application.

The PC version is said to have about the same maps and modes as the console beta but will also test out another map that will replace the Midtown map that was in the console version of the beta.

The devs are keen this time around to provide a rich immersive experience to its legion of fans. let us know if you are signing up for Destiny 2's PC beta by commenting in the comments section below.

Destiny 2 PC beta will start on August 28 only for players who pre-ordered the game. The studio wants to "test the functionality for Destiny 2 on a new platform, give PC players their first taste of Destiny 2 in action, and leave a world of surprises in store for the final version of the game". "If this is your first dance with Destiny, be sure to tell us how it feels", the game developer also states.