Spicer turns down 'Dancing with the Stars'

Unfortunately (or fortunately? Honestly, I don't even know anymore), Spicer turned the offer down, saying he's going to have an "overwhelming number of commitments" this fall and he won't have time for reality TV. Spicer was spotted near and at various television network offices in NY in July. According to Page Six, Spicer has signed a deal with celebrity attorney Bob Barnett while he potentially negotiates a book deal. Dancing with the Stars would've been the most embarrassing thing Sean Spicer had ever done, aside from the thing Sean Spicer did to earn himself the chance to go on Dancing with the Stars.

"He's not a good dancer", a source said.

Of course, then came the jokes about other White House officials who have since left or been removed from their positions in the Trump administration.

Spicer became a household name in only a few months as press secretary, his sometimes-combative style lambasted by Saturday Night Live.

Sean Spicer will not be getting jiggy on the dance floor in front of a national audience.

The day after he announced his resignation, he was seen in New York City meeting with executives from the various television networks, where the possibility of him becoming a contestant of Dancing with the Stars was broached.

Given Burke's thoughts and Twitter's reaction, it seems as though the majority of the country regards Spicer's choice as a missed opportunity.