'Was not allowed to speak on Dalit issues': Mayawati on her resignation

BSP Cheaf has sent her resignation to Chairman Mohd Hamid Ansari accusing the treasury benches of not allowing her to raise the issue.She had threatened earlier that she will quit the membership saying if she can not raise the voices of the weaker sections, what is the use of her being in the House.She said, she had given adjournment motion to speak about the atrocities against Dalits including recent violent incidents in Saharanpur.

However, Sudha Pai, who earlier taught at Jawaharlal Nehru University and is considered an authority on the BSP, said it was too early to predict whether Mayawati's resignation could rejuvenate her image and the party.

As expected, Mayawati had the ready support of leader of opposition Gulam Nabi Azad who also alleged that the dalits, minorities and the poor sections of the sociiety were at the receiving end under the present dispensation.

Mayawati was given three-minute time by the deputy chairperson of the Rajya Sabha PJ Kurien to speak on the issue of Saharanpur violence. She is now looking for political t r a c t ion and wants to play the martyr.

However, Mayawati wanted more time to finish her statement.

Mayawati met Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari this evening and handed over her resignation letter. When she was UP chief minister, she was member of the Legislative Council and at present, a Rajya Sabha member which was to expire in April 18 next year. Her term as Rajya Sabha MP was set to get over next year.

The opposition parties would meet every day before the start of the proceedings to decide which issues will raised on the specific day. "People will not be misled". This is the reason why Mayawati has chosen to leave the confines of Rajya Sabha. "When I can't put forward my views, I don't have any right to stay in this House, so I have taken this decision to give my resignation", she told Indian media personnel outside Parliament. "She has resigned when all doors and windows of opportunity have been shut for her". This is the message that Mayawati would like to see going out to her Dalit voters. "It is best if she just concentrates on UP to recover lost ground and that alone would be enough to catapult her into a position of national prominence".