Lucky Whitehead posts stolen dog Blitz is 'home safely'

Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead is back with Blitz after saying Monday that his XL Bully puppy had been stolen and held for ransom.

Whitehead got Blitz from Kings and Queens Bullies - the same breeder where Charlotte Hornets center Dwight Howard got his pitbull pup - this offseason.

While still at a Fort Lauderdale airport, Whitehead was contacted by the thieves, who asked how much the dog meant to him. Whomever stole Blitz has contacted my phone numerous times, demanding ransom money.

The post on Instagram went up Sunday and the National Football League player writes, "I strongly advise you stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse". Whitehead refused to pay that much, but did offer to pay "some cash" to ensure Blitz's safe return.

'If you know of any details regarding Blitz's whereabouts or who may be involved in this, please contact me immediately'.

According to an Instagram post by Whitehead, the dognappers struck while his close friend was watching the dog. With just 11 posts, the dog has almost 5,700 followers now. Whitehead posted with a short video of his dog, Blitz, on Snapchat early Tuesday morning.

Whitehead, who signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent out of Florida Atlantic in 2015, has nine receptions for 64 yards in 30 games played over the past two seasons. "It's killing me just because I wasn't there to protect him".

Boogotti continued posting videos about the ordeal on his Instagram page, reiterating that he did not steal Blitz. He said the caller said he would call back "but I haven't heard from him since".