Spider-Man: Homecoming review

Director of photography Salvatore Totino captures the aerial fluidity of Spider-Man as he swings through NY with a lot of skill and understanding.

The third iteration of the Spider-Man series directed by Jon Watts, "Spider-Man: Homecoming", swept local cinemas through the weekend, and is close to exceeding the 6 million ticket mark.

On the flip side, with Spider-Man being such a well-known entity in this universe, criminals also have a good grasp on what he can accomplish, providing players with plenty of challenging encounters.

There are a lot of scenes and moments within the film that stand out as great whether they are comedic, action-oriented or dramatic. It was nice to see the heartwarming bond between him and Peter in their scenes together, showing them as a father-son relationship and that Stark really believes in Peter's abilities.

You can see that improvisation in the new video, and the combat is talked about in enough detail to give you a decent idea as to what to expect when we finally get our hands on it. Negative, two villains that the wall-crawler will have to take on in the game.

Sony Pictures collaborated for the first time with Marvel Studios to create a bigger cinematic world, and Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark, who acts as a mentor for the confused Parker.

Without a doubt one of the best Spider-Man films, we have more to look forward to now that Spidey is part of The Avengers. But there will be more than one outfit for Peter to slip into during the game.

If you remember, Tobey starred as Peter Parker in the OG Spider-Man trilogy in the 2000s.