Anytime: Amazon's new messaging app to make it's debut soon

AFTVNews reports that Amazon has begun surveying customers about the app to gauge which features are most important to them.

Amazon's "Anytime" messaging service will also allow users to play games with their friends in groups on the platform. Further, it's believed that Anytime will let you reach your friends just by using their name (without the need of their phone numbers).

Being an online shopping giant, Amazon inevitably has plans to integrate shopping into Anytime.

Watch this space for latest news, as we will be keeping a close eye on the Amazon Anytime app. Amazon will start selling its gadgets and more by providing direct deals within the app to masses with advertisements and other events.

Anytime will have standard messaging features such as encryption, video support, audio support and stickers. Till then, here is a list of things Amazon can bring in its Anytime app, to take on the biggies like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Days after their 3rd successful annual Prime Day sale, reports have surfaced that Amazon might be working towards a new messaging app called Anytime. Case in point - messaging tools. We are already accustomed to using popular services like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat and others, however, rumors are afloat that there will be a new entrant in this already crowded market. The app could come with filters and masks in its in-app camera. This sounds great, and it seems to be a clever combination of many other social apps, making up a successful recipe to win the public. Alexa integration is also easy to imagine.

Amazon had unveiled Chime, a messaging and videoconferencing platform for enterprise users earlier this year along with the introduction of voice calling and messaging features for Alexa-powered devices.