Here's your first look at Disney's new Star Wars land

"When we thought about building this place, we didn't want to just remind you about somebody else's "Star Wars" story or let you watch a "Star Wars" story, but we wanted you to live a "Star Wars" story", Scott Trowbridge, Disney's creative portfolio executive working on the lands, told IGN. Work began on it in 2016.

No matter what part of Disney stirs memories or warms your heart, you will discover something magical at D23 Expo-the ultimate Disney fan event. It includes plans for attractions and rides within the space. We're getting our first detailed look at Disney's Star Wars Land and it looks pretty damn awesome.

So guests will actually get to pilot the Millennium Falcon, which has been a fantasy at some point for every Star Wars fan. "You can engage and make choices and have those choices matter and kind of live out a true Star Wars adventure of your own making". Special lighting on painted backgrounds will change the environment from day to night. "Still, it promises a variety of Star Wars-y environments, as well as two major attractions: "One that will "[let] guests take the controls of Millennium Falcon on a customized secret mission" and another centered around a First Order vs. Resistance battle. There will also be droids and aliens throughout the as-yet-unnamed land.

Speaking about the second ride, Chapek said it "defies categorisation".

Depending on where visitors enter, they will either be greeted by First Order troops or members of the Resistance.

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"Your actions will matter", he added.