White House attacks CBO health care inaccuracy, misspells 'inaccurately'

The Trump White House on Wednesday put out a video that attacked the Congressional Budget Office's accuracy in forecasting economic statistics - but the video itself misspelled the word "inaccurately".

When Trump released his budget proposal, the White House said it would eliminate the deficit in a decade and reduce the national debt to 60 percent of GDP, down from the current 77 percent.

The initial CBO score of the Senate GOP's health care plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, predicted that 22 million more Americans would be without insurance, yet reduce the deficit by $321 billion over the next decade. Trump's budget also proposes saving $610 billion over the next decade by overhauling the Medicaid program, the CBO said.

"The CBO report shows that the president built his budget on fantasy projections", said Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky, the top Democrat on the House Budget Committee.

What's more, CBO and the Trump administration differ substantially in projecting economic growth, with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and others predicting three percent growth in GDP in the coming years compared to CBO's far less optimistic forecast of 1.9 percent growth.

Sen. Angus King, I-Maine reflects on the news from the Congressional Budget Office analysis that could imperil GOP leaders' hopes of pushing their health care the plan through the chamber this week, Tuesday, June 27, 2017, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

The CBO said did not take into account all of Trump's proposals that may affect the economy because "the details on numerous proposed policies are not available at this time".

However, the CBO said it would not balance the budget.

Deficit reductions would be a result of drastic spending cuts proposed under the Trump plan.

The White House blueprint would cut $2 trillion in mandatory spending, including $1.9 trillion on health care.

The White House fleshed out its anti-CBO case in a video that contains some very basic errors. Its projections included a $2 trillion math error, claiming the amount would be spent twice on balancing the budget and tax cuts.

"We are thrilled that CBO confirms that the president's proposed budget resulted in the largest deficit reduction they have ever scored".