Suspect in killing of Arkansas deputy, 2 others surrenders

Authorities say a gunman has fatally shot the police chief of an OH village and two nursing home employees. When he returned to Arkansas, he worked for the West Memphis Police Department for 20 years.

Lieutenant Mainhart had served the citizens of Yell County as a law enforcement officer for five years and previously retired from the West Memphis Police Department following a career of more than twenty years.

Mainhart was a 5-year veteran of the force, state police said. He was gunned down early Thursday during the traffic stop.

Two elected officials also addressed the deadly shooting. Bowden was arrested following a standoff with police.

Inmon said her brother has taken anti-psychotic medication and anti-depressants for his mental illness. Doctors and authorities have not confirmed that.

Authorities said Bowden is suspected of killing Yell County Sheriff's Lt. Kevin C. Mainhart during a traffic stop.

She said her brother told her he had killed McHam's mother and daughter and he was holding McHam hostage. Authorities have not identified those people.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, was taken into custody late Thursday afternoon after a standoff with police. Bowden faces three Capital Murder charges, one for each of their deaths and a third charge for Yell County Sheriff's Office Lt. Kevin Mainhart. He said the suspected shooter was in a home in rural Arkansas and that officers are trying to coax him into surrendering. Mainhart had reportedly pulled over a vehicle he believed to be associated with a disturbance call when he was shot and killed. A civilian saw that the deputy had been shot and notified police.

The deaths occurred in Yell County, about 65 miles west of Little Rock.