'House of Cards' star: Trump has trumped us

Robin Wright has learned a discrepancy still exists between her and her House of Cards co-star. It's easy to find some similarities between Underwood and Trump.

The good folks over at Netflix are gearing up for the return of House Of Cards.

The actress told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival that Donald Trump "has stolen all our ideas", speaking about the drama about a villainous head of state who stops at nothing to stay in the White House.

"I was told that I was getting equal pay [to Kevin Spacey] and I believed them, and I found out recently that it's not true". "[I modeled] to make money, so I could stay in Paris, because I was broke", she revealed. For four seasons of #HouseofCards, we have watched #RobinWright rule the roost as the fiery Claire Underwood, Frank's career and bedroom opposition.

Meanwhile, Wright's pick for President is none other than Michelle Obama, with the actress noting wistfully, "She would be a great female president". "And they are in House of Cards", the actor divulged.

But she said feminism was about more than calling out crude discrimination. "You're a woman, you wear a dress, and people say, 'Why won't they ask about the men and their tuxedoes and suits?' Because they're all wearing the same thing..."

At Cannes to promote Dark of Night, the short film she directed, Wright is all about tackling gender inequality. She also discussed how the term "feminism" has somehow become a "derogatory or diva-like word". "I think it's just a matter of time and breaking an old school of thought, opening up perspective", she said, adding that we need to address and embrace what feminism truly means. After Wright took her place in a small chair in front of the audience of about 20 reporters, the conversation quickly turned to American politics.

"The president and I have a simple request: Tell us what you see", Claire said, referring to a terror attack. The director said, 'I liked the other one's titties better.' That was during the audition.