Harden, James top All-NBA team; George, Hayward shut out

The reason for the uptick in talk is that in the latest collective bargaining agreement, the National Basketball Association has created incentives for star players to stick around with their home teams. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green all stole first-team votes from those other three players. So many guys played well this year. He's obviously a very talented player, but the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be head and shoulders above everyone else in the Eastern Conference.

Unfortunately for the Pacers, George's exclusion from one of this season's All-NBA teams could hurt their ability to lock up the 27-year-old this summer.

Because George didn't make an All-NBA team this year, he won't be eligible for the Designation Player Exception outlined in the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement.

The exclusions of George and Hayward from the All-NBA teams could cause ripples through the NBA, even in Oklahoma City. Sports, both George and Hayward missed out a chance of signing a 5-year, $207-million deals with their current teams after they were not selected in the All-NBA teams. The latest report mentions that the Lakers' brass has been told to not give up assets to acquire George because they have been given a strong indication that George is going to sign with them in 2018. Obviously, though, a $200+ million guaranteed contract extension offer would have tested George's conviction. And this is where the situation could get complicated for the Lakers. George is under contract to the Pacers for next season, while Hayward is likely to elect to become a free agent this summer. There is a lengthy conversation to have about whether or not this is fair - the fact that the media is responsible for potentially helping a player make $30 million is kind of insane - but for now, the discussion surrounding George is about what's next for him.

The Thunder's salary cap figures to be occupied primarily by Westbrook, Steven Adams, and Victor Oladipo by then as well. While he hasn't officially announced his intentions, he did reveal plans to workout with Lakers legend Kobe Bryant during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night. IN would certainly prefer not to watch their star leave with nothing to show for it, so they may look to move George this summer in order to recoup some value.

Two significant developments in the last 24 hours when it comes to Indiana Pacers four-time All-Star forward Paul George. If the Pacers don't reach a long-term deal with George this summer, the rumor mill around George will continue to crank all season long.