Pain And Lil Wayne Release Collab Project, Nearly 10 Years After Announcement

Now it seems like Pain doesn't give a f*ck about waiting any longer.

T-Pain has released "T-Wayne", a long-awaited and probably forgotten mixtape in collaboration with Lil Wayne. I mean dang; it's been on hold for like 8 years.

Teasing not only its release but its artwork, too, the rap star Auto-Tuner took to social media to unveil the possible forthcoming of T-Wayne.

T-Pain asked his fans on Twitter if he should "Do It?", and he also made it clear that this isn't for the new ninjas!

T-Pain's T-Wayne album was the proposed project that featured him and Weezy on a variety of Rap&B-infused tracks. "These the lost files from '09 and I'm exhausted of em just sittin on my hard drive", said T-Pain.

"I'm feelin reeeeeaaaaalll spontaneous right now" he wrote on Instagram, describing the album as the "missing page in the history book". Nobody has heard that record but-you guessed it-rich asshole Martin Shkreli, who claims he bought it legally.

For anyone calling his bluff, Pain just dropped it on SoundCloud and YouTube.

The photo attached to the tweet appears to be a cover for T-Wayne, as it features a sketch of half of T-Pain's face against half of Weezy's.

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