Here's what Liam Payne originally wanted his son's name to be

The singer took to Twitter just now for the first time since wishing her Irish friends a happy St Patrick's day on 17th March.

Becoming parents has drastically changed both Liam and Cheryl's lives, with the 23-year-old singer admitting that one of the things he made a decision to change when he found out about the pregnancy was to get rid of his nicotine habit.

When one Tweeted: 'How's bear? i'm still over the moon for you ❣️ [sic],' she replied: 'Thank you.

Liam Payne had an "internal battle" over girlfriend Cheryl's unusual choice of moniker for their baby son. Which I think it definitely does...

He said when asked about Bear's unusual name: "I'm into more traditional names, the Mrs ... she's more into more unique, original names that people will remember".

Earlier today Liam opened up about life as a new father. I just want to spend every moment with him but she (Cheryl) is so great, she does everything on her own.

He said: "At this stage as a dad, you're in a bit of a whirlwind. I think those two have a deal" with the stroking chin emoji.

The former One Direction singer has admitted he hasn't let his partner live it down that she remained sat in her seat on the show's judging panel when he belted out the lyrics to "Cry Me A River" - despite everyone else standing to clap - during his audition, just because she wanted to get back at Simon Cowell for snubbing her act. "I wasn't going to fight her about it, she's the one who's done all the work, isn't she?" She's really pushing herself with it, bless her.

He explained: "We did a rota over the night feeds, and then she was like, I want to do them because she used to wake up anyway. You have that super power as a woman, where you are, you know, your heartbeats are in even in sync".