Google Photos now has suggested sharing, shared libraries, photo books

And for people you exist with on a regular, friendly basis, Google's introduced a second and possibly more insidious feature, Shared Libraries. Although many of us now use online services such as Google Photos in order to memorialize our lives, a lot of our photos come before the advent of free/cheap online photo hosting services. Which features are you looking forward to the most?

But perhaps the coolest feature Google rolled out with Photos is a new memory-making machine called Photo Books.

Google presents the new features in the light of them being useful. Of course, it would be nice to have some help selecting photos and distributing them to friends after a birthday party or bowling meetup.

And if it does not use facial recognition or object identification when you upload new photos to Google Photos, it can not really help you with the sharing functionality. Google Photos recognizes the faces that appear in the photos we upload automatically. Technology doesn't work perfectly, and people make mistakes. For instance, you can set it to have all your photos of your children and/or partner, with your partner. The two of you split and you both forget to turn it off. It can intelligently identify noise and distractions in the foreground of your photos and edit them out. Just tap send, and your friends and family will see all your photos, and get a reminder to add theirs too.

Now, the photos you have stored on your phone or in the cloud can be turned into a lasting keepsake you have look at everyday. It becomes more hard in an already hard situation to maintain your privacy. Photos will pull out the best shots and recommend who you should share them with.

As the name implies, Google Photos will suggest you contacts with whom you should share photos with. The recipient will get any photos that you share with them, though they can choose to filter those even further by some of the same criteria - people, places, things, etc. - to add specific items directly to their main Photos view. You'll feel obligated - and you'll feel JUST TERRIBLE if you don't share! Google either automatically shares it or suggests that you share it. The other person can have complete access to an entire library or just photos or certain people or from a particular date.

The new features rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence, which Pichai said are now driving innovation at Google. They rely on what Google already knows.