Fidget-spinner craze is sweeping the US

No one could predict the impact the fidget spinner has had on the toy industry in only a matter of months. But it turns out fidget spinners, the new toy so popular stores are selling out of them and teachers are banning them from their classrooms, may not be as effective at aiding mental focus as people claim.

It's a device that can fit in the palm of your hand and contains weighted propellers and a middle bearing that allows you to spin it for several seconds.

But now a primary school in Dundee has joined many across the United Kingdom and banned the pocket-sized gadgets saying they are a distraction.

But apparently not many nearby schools.

Fidget Spinners are flying off.

Dakota Schools has banned the gadgets in their junior high classrooms.

"I would encourage teachers to teach students how to use them", Ennis said. "It's not anything for us to make any kind of policy or decisive action (against)".

As a teacher and a parent, I also recognize first-hand that kids learn differently. As a result, an increasing number of schools have chose to ban the seductive toys.

Art Davis, Paducah Tilghman High School principal, agreed.

"I was playing with it at my desk, and the teacher saw it, and she took it away", she said. Can I make one out of LEGOs?

On the other hand, Haskell Elementary School is trying to use them, along with a tactic called heaving breathing, for students who "need a break". "No one has reported any problems".

Fidget spinners are marketed as a new "fidget toy" for kids, something that might help them concentrate, particularly if they are on the Autism Spectrum or have ADHD.

"For those who are having trouble figuring out what it is", said MacInnis, "it's the Yo-Yo come back to life". "As with other items, they shouldn't be out during class, and students should pay attention to school".

Shannon Cole said: "I think they are a good idea if they are used for the appropriate reason, they are to help people with ADHD and autism that's the objective of them but they've become a new craze, in schools they have been banned because they aren't being used in a correct manner and in my opinion I think it's a shame for the people with ADHD and autism".

Melissa Ferry is a big believer in the benefits of allowing students to use fidget toys in the classroom. "It becomes a toy, something to play with, and that's unfortunate". And let's face it, spinners are a great concept, but they don't successfully achieve their objective in a typical classroom environment. is the go-to spot for Fidget Spinners, which recently occupied the entire Top 20 of "Amazon best sellers" for toys and games.

"They're not really distracting to me", said fifth-grader Grace Marrero.

Donegal has been swept by a global craze which is spinning out of control, with retailers across the county being sold out of Fidget Spinners. They are learning to design them on a 3D printer and have made a decision to sell what they make to raise money for supplies for their engineering laboratory.