White House furious after being trolled with Russia Oval Office photos

"President Trump in these pictures, is shaking hands with Russians, and the Kremlin is gleefully tweeting these pictures around the world", Durbin said on the Senate floor.

Comey himself was measured about the abrupt turn of events in a letter to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and colleagues, urging them not to be concerned for him. "The President further emphasized his desire to build a better relationship between the United States and Russian Federation". I'm not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed. "I was scanned, patted down, and then sniffed by canines", he wrote.

Meeting Lavrov the next day was considered a questionable move, and it has been suggested it wasn't one the White House wanted to publicize.

Alexandr Scherbak is a staff photographer with TASS and in this role he often accompanies Foreign Minister Lavrov on his global trips, while also acting as a personal photographer for Mr. Lavrov.

While the administration downplayed the threat, a senior administration official acknowledged that the White House had been misled about the role of the Russian photographer, who was actually employed by a state-run news agency. Indeed, the only other president to try to head off an investigation by firing the chief investigator was Richard Nixon. He said Wednesday he fired Comey because he "was not doing a good job".

White House officials are furious after getting "tricked" into allowing Russian Federation to publicize photos from the Oval Office.

U.S. TV networks had only images distributed by the Russian government and its news agency to show Americans Trump's White House meeting with Russian officials.

Questions about whether Trump fired Comey because of that investigation have swirled since the firing was announced on Tuesday evening.

Lavrov cut her off: "Who was bringing you up?"

Trump's national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, was sacked after it came out that he'd met with Kislyak on several occasions but hadn't disclosed the meetings.

Flynn was sacked in February for lying to Vice President Mike Pence by denying that he had discussed the issue of USA sanctions with Kislyak. They're pushing for a special prosecutor in the Russian Federation probe - and they plan to ramp up the pressure on Republicans in the Senate to do so. He said such an individual would only "serve to impede the current work being done".

"He says he initiated one phone call, and Comey initiated the other".

Lee raised the idea directly to White House staff on Wednesday, according to an aide.

"I could have done without the attention" Kislyak told AFP recently. "And in the room, here's Trump talking to the Russians and the Russian press is there covering ... and guess who's missing from the room? When things calm down, they will be thanking me!"

While it may seem brazen for a foreign nation to sneak surveillance equipment into the offices of another nation's highest political officials, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Vice President James Lewis told International Business Times such surveillance efforts are common.

The Senate Intelligence Committee - using its subpoena power for the first time since 9-11 demanded documents on Russian Federation from fired National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. He also said the subject never came up during his Oval Office meeting.

I do believe in coincidences, up to a point. They note that Trump last October had publicly praised Comey for having the "guts" to raise new questions late in the campaign about Clinton's email situation.