Android 7.0 Rolling Out For The Nexus 6 & 6P

So 2015 to 2016 was not a good year for security on the Android platform.

You can grab each image or OTA file at the links below.

The Stagefright assaults are outlined by keeping the focus on Android's "media server" system, which is a center capacity that applications approach to render sound or video.

Sharing images is common behavior and an easy attack vector.

Media codecs are notoriously hard to write safely since they touch multiple low-level components and have to handle different input types, said Strazzere. Other apps using the same library are also vulnerable. Regardless of the reason, the decision was "appropriate", as it completely removed a whole class of potential vulnerabilities, Strazzere said.

On the other hand, Android Nougat offers users the option to run two apps at the same time in landscape and to drag and drop items between those apps.

Google released patches for 57 security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. It has been live for those who were already part of the beta program, but the OTA update has just been confirmed to be headed to these devices in the coming weeks.

According to the bulletin, Google confirmed that the two escalations of privilege bugs - CVE-2016-2059 (rated "high") and CVE-2016-5340 (rated "critical") - were fixed. The vulnerabilities enable privilege escalation, and can be exploited to bypass now available defenses in the Android Linux kernel. The flaws are in Qualcomm drivers controlling communication between different chip components.

Android Central reports that Google has broken down security patches for Android this month instead of shipping all patches in a single package.

As a matter of interest if you aren't sure whether your handset is vulnerable you can use Check Point's QuadRooter Scanner to find out if your handset needs the patch.

Google tips off device makers about upcoming security patches well ahead of time, which may explain why one Tom's Guide staffer received the September 1 patch on his OnePlus One handset running Cyanogen OS on August 26.

While I really like my Xiaomi Mi4c phone, I won't purchase another device from the company because of the slow release of security patches and updates to newer Android versions. The Android devices users can get their update which is available on Google Play store. Not much has been discussed about the internal features of this device but we do have a brief understanding of the fact that the device may come with a 4 GB RAM and a solid amount of internal memory. Google's Mark Brand called the flaw "an extremely serious bug", in a Project Zero blog post published Wednesday.

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