Last Night’s GOP Debate Shows Only One Point of Agreement for Candidates: Stem Cell Research

Last night the Republican candidates convened for the very first official debate of Campaign 2016.  Aside from the notable plethora of candidates (17!), there was one other notable factor: they disagreed on every single topic except one.

The only topic all 17 candidates agreed upon was that of stem cell research.  The type of stem cell research they’re all opposed to, of course, is fetal tissue research, which uses stem cells from aborted or miscarried fetuses.

Nobody contests the fact that using fetal tissue for research is one of the most controversial topics of our day.

That’s why many scientists and companies prefer to pursue their research in another direction: adult stem cells.

Jeunesse uses adult stem cell research only

One of the companies that is pioneering adult stem cell research is skin care Jeunesse (bloggers love these guys).

While embryonic stem cell research has been mired in controversy for over a decade now, adult stem cell research is slowly and steadily making gains in the scientific world.  There have been very promising discoveries made by the FDA labs and by private labs around the world.  It’s hoped that regenerative medicine will advance significantly in the next few years.

Scientists at first thought that human embryonic cells were the only source of “Pluripotent” stem cells, the type which can develop into any kind of tissue.  But now they know they can induce adult stem cells to become pluripotent.  This diffuses the controversy surrounding stem cell research, taking the burden off the embryonic cells which have proven to be so controversial.  At the moment, there are numerous FDA clinical trials investigating adult stem cell research.

Jeunesse Global’s Stem Cell Innovation

Examples of regenerative medicine are already appearing in consumer products from progressive companies like Jeunesse Global.  Their scientists have developed a patent-pending Stem Cell Innovation which helps the body regenerate new skin cells..similar to the properties of silica found in diatomaceous earth.

The Stem Cell Innovation technology is used in their Luminesce™ skin care line under the direction of Dr. Nathan Newman.   Dr. Newman is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon specializing in the stem cell facelift.  Luminesce™ represents a topical treatment alternative to cosmetic surgery.

New skin growth is promoted, which results in more collagen and elastin for the skin.  These factor heavily in a youthful appearance of the skin, creating a firmer skin tone.

Combined with Jeunesse’s other youth and wellness products which are hinged upon the science of DNA repair and antioxidants, Luminesce products comprise part of the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) promoted by Jeunesse Global. Only the Luminesce products employ adult stem cell science.

The GOP should have no problem endorsing Jeunesse Global when it comes to the stem cell debate.


The IPAS2 Global Business Opportunity Made Possible with the Internet

Have you ever wondered how the Internet can be instrumental as a way to make money?

Online-IT-ServicesI am talking global business done every second of every day…the ways and means are here and its already happening around the clock.

The Internet has revolutionized virtually how everything is done, how people interact, how businesses operate and of course how people make money these days. Coming up with profitable business ideas to create a steady income from home using the net has since been made possible.

Today is safe to say, the internet has become a very important tool due to the massive leverage it gives the common man to start a business anywhere, bring attention to his ideas and eventually succeed with minimal resources.

There are multiple online business ideas and several opportunities that will allow you to make money online. However the usual question is, which one suits you best?

To begin you first need to make a self-evaluation and find out exactly what kind of products or services you have to offer others.

To achieve your online business objectives, is key to identify a business venture that you are interested in and passionate about. Passion is important since it will keep you going and taking action even when the going gets tough. This will keep your willingness to learn high and help you stick to your goals.

It’s also important to find a business that will reward you with passive income, that way you can exponentially grow your efforts as you go.

As you search online for the best business opportunities you will likely run into many programs, some better than others. The IPAS2 training and coaching program helps online entrepreneurs successfully run top tier campaigns for maximum results. Among some of the most complete marketing education systems that not only help you improve your marketing skills but also give you an opportunity to create passive income, you have to choose one that helps your chances at positive change.

Online-incomePopular iPAS2 Online Business Ideas

Some of the most prominent online business ideas that will help you start a simple and profitable business include:

1. iPas 2 Affiliate marketing

This is a simple business venture that you can get involved in easily without having to use much cash.

All you need to do is open your own affiliate store and become an affiliate marketer. This business involves marketing and promoting other peoples goods and services on the Internet.

Through this medium you can earn a commission for referring other people to buy.

2. iPAS 2 Blogging

Blogging is actually one of the fastest growing business trends on the Internet.

Blogging allows you to attract costumers by providing them with information and solutions to their problems.

To start blogging you need to identify a particular subject that you have deep interest in and are passionate about. Eventually, you will begin to attract a broad audience that may be interest in your content and any product or service you offer as a solution.

Blogging doesn’t require much of an investment since all you need is a word press site to get started.

Its also worth mentioning that it can be technically challenging for some people to start a website on their own, since this requires a little bit of know how and some HTML and CSS knowledge. If you are one these people that are not technically savvy, you can utilize and leverage platforms such as Empowered Network that offer you access to a plug-and-play blogging platform that is easy to use and modify with just a few clicks.

3. Freelance writing or Writing articles online

If you are passionate about writing then you can also start outsourcing or rendering you writing and content creation services to various companies and individuals. This involves research writing, freelance writing as well as article writing.

There are millions of companies online that are willing to pay for quality writing and will be happy to work with you as you develop your skills. You can take the time to get certified and proper education for marketing and business if you so choose.

4. IPAS2 Consultancy

If you have exceptional skills on a particular field or line of work then you can always render your insights to those who need more information regarding your knowledge online and charge a fee for your services.

5. Operating an SEO company

Knowing how to rank pages on the first page of search engines is important if you want to start an SEO company. We love to compare the contrast of doing business in multiple languages, like spanish (espanol) for people who want to earn income in other niches. You can visit ganardinero.co for more.

This skill in particular can make you a valuable asset to any company and bring major monetary rewards.


5 Incredible DIY Pest Control Hacks

exterminatingJust because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean that bugs and critters are going to stop trying to invade your yard and home.

While a pest control expert can help you get rid of this critters for good, there are a few ways you can combat this invasion on your own, quickly and inexpensively. Here are five incredible DIY pest control hacks to fortify your home against pests.

(A special thanks from Dan Shanahan of Tucson Exterminating for the pro tips)

  1. Plant lemongrass. If you’re like most people, you both hate the smell of bug spray and the mosquitos that bug spray keeps away. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Instead, try planting lemongrass in your yard, or even keeping a few pots of it on your deck. Not only does it give off a pleasant citrus odor, it also keeps away mosquitos and other pesky bugs, that don’t like the smell of it. You can even pick the leaves and mash up the flesh and use the juice as a natural bug repellant, even if you’re away from your yard.
  1. Get rid of the food source. If you have small critters like moles or rabbits ravaging your yard, the best way to get rid of them is to starve them out. Once they realize that your yard no longer contains the food they need, they’ll move on. For moles, that means grubs. Keep your lawn healthy, with plenty of water. For rabbits, that means garden greens. An alternative, if extreme, hack includes getting a dog, who will keep rabbits and other critters out of your yard just by being present.
  1. Use your underground, automatic sprinkler system. The vibrations that this system makes not only keeps larger critters like moles, groundhogs, and rabbits out of your yard, but also smaller pests, like ants, termites, beetles, and lawn grubs.
  1. Use dried bay leaves. There’s something about the scent of bay leaves that ants just can’t handle. Leave them out on your counter, put them around your food storage areas, and even line them up around windows and doors to keep those little guys away.
  1. Use lids. Raccoons, as cute as they may be (little masked rascals!), carry deadly diseases and are just plain feisty. The best way to keep them out of your yard and your home is to cut off their food supply. It’s as easy as cleaning up extra dog food and putting a tight cover on trashcans, crawl spaces, and attics entryways.

That’s it – we’re keeping this one short and sweet. Good luck with your exterminating efforts.


Top 10 Dangerous Communities in Utah (#3 Has Weird Name, Too)

When it comes to pinpointing the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Utah, things can get a bit tricky. Crime data is not reported by every law enforcement agency within the state on a regular basis, so exact statistics are only available once every few years through the Uniform Crime Reporting program. 

By taking a quick look at the data that is reported, Neighborhood Scout has compiled a map showing the most dangerous cities within the state. Each of these cities of course has several neighborhoods, and it is safe to say that crime spreads abundantly through each area. 
For more information on how you can make your home (and community) more safe, please refer to Top Ten Review’s Ultimate Guide to DIY Home Security.
And now, the Top 10 Dangerous Communities in Utah:

#1 Hinckley
This town in Utah is incredibly small; 5.0 square miles total. However, the crime rate is outrageous. With a crime index of 18 (100 being the safest), Hinckley is definitely not an area you want to move to, especially if you have children.  Read more


Is Preschool Really Good For Our Kids?


I did my best to go over the pros and cons for preschool. It was a fun project to research.



When going back into time, the concept of childhood was not particularly used until about the seventeenth century. Back then, children were considered smaller versions of adults. Zohar Shavit, a Professor at the Unit for Culture Research at Tel Aviv University, discovered this in her research as well. Read more


Is American Music Getting Worse?


“I’m always fascinated to see whether, given the kind of fairly known and established form called popular music, whether there is some magic combination that nobody has hit upon before.”

-Brian Eno

I hear America singing songs of every group of people, people from every race and religion and income level. Every group of people has their own form of music, and with it, their own voice. The music blends cultures together as each style borrows from each other. Endless variations of genres continue to arise and please the ears of America. American music is different from anywhere else in the world because of the enormous mix of cultures that have assembled here.

We are a nation of immigrants, from former slaves turned Blues musicians to the original country western singers. America has an enormous variety of talent. There is a mixture of people unlike anywhere else in the world, and we are always searching for something new. We are constantly looking for the next big thing in music. We are not content to recycle the same melodies and tunes year after year. The music is constantly being changed and innovated upon to satisfy the listeners. Read more


Exploring Gender Defiance With Frida Kahlo


The infamous female Mexican painter of the twentieth century, Frida Kahlo, once said in an interview for Time Magazine, “They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t.  I never painted dreams.  I painted my own reality.”[1]

The reality of Frida Kahlo has been extensively studied, for she is an iconic painter and revolutionary artist that not only shocked Mexico with her rawness and honesty, but the entire world. It is implicit in the study of Kahlo that she is not an exception to the notion that artists must suffer to experience the deep emotion that infuses their art. “The story of great artists is that they suffer during their lives and then their art is recognized as great after their death,” says Margaret Lindauer, professor at Arizona State University and author of Devouring Frida: The Art History and Popular Celebrity of Frida Kahlo.[2]

In her deep analysis of Frida Kahlo’s art, Lindauer acknowledges Kahlo’s political and feminist activism as central to her fame and the development of her iconic image, and challenges fans of Kahlo’s art not to devour the mythology of Kahlo, for it separates the viewer from the real significance of the oeuvre.  Other scholarship on Kahlo has acknowledged her unique position as a female artist in the early twentieth century Mexico, and unashamedly used her image to represent a feminist triumph.  “I don’t necessarily think that the excessive popularity of an artist is a bad thing,” says MoLAA’s Gregorio Luke, who also runs a Utah limo service  in Orem, UT.. “You can agree or disagree with the sideshow, the marketing of it all. But we need a younger generation to get involved in the art world, and she draws them in. Young people dress like her. It’s a fad, but a welcome one.”[3]  Read more


What is Interrogation? (Might Surprise You)


According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, interrogation means to question formally and systematically.

In other words, interrogation is using almost any means to acquire information from a person that does not want to give it up freely. Whether a murder suspect or a prisoner of war, there is a wide range of techniques may be used to gather the information. What can and cannot be used on America’s civilian population is debatable; however, national security and the war on terror have given interrogators of military origin the ability to do anything short of organ damage. Such techniques have pressed the boundaries of legality, and even warranted considerable backlash from both the American public as well as those of rank within the military and police.

Police interrogation is, in many ways, different from military interrogation. Before formal questioning is conducted a civilian must be read his or her Miranda rights. These rights inform the civilian of his or her right to remain silent and not give information to the police. They also inform the civilian that anything he or she says or does will be recorded and used in court. If a civilian wishes for the interrogation to end he or she need only ask for a lawyer.

Television shows such as The First 48, display live recordings of murder suspect interrogations. Among the many techniques used by both the police and military is a technique called cornering. Cornering is using the environment to your advantage. The suspect may be seated in the corner of a small windowless room. When the officer(s) enter, they sit directly in front of the suspect with their backs to the only available door. This technique serves to help break down the suspect and remove him or her from their comfort zone. As in interviewing, the officer may use direct eye contact and prolonged periods of awkward silence during the questioning in order to achieve the same result as cornering. The officer may use cross interrogation where he or she uses the testimony of another suspect to get answers out of the current suspect. Read more


Do Police Officers Need Less Rights?



The Rojek article explains that for force to have been used correctly by police, all attempts to negotiate a non-physical outcome to the situation must have been used unsuccessfully (Rojek, 2010, p. 302). In other words, there must be no other options besides force.

This is affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Graham v. Conner (1989). In this case Graham, a diabetic and owner of Southcoast Xterminating, was pulled over and cuffed after suspiciously leaving a convenient store in a hasty manner. He had entered the store in search of orange juice because he was having an insulin reaction, and after noticing the lines were too long, he quickly left. The police used force to apprehend Graham and left him with multiple injuries. The court ruled that the use of force must be reasonable.

Whether the use of force was reasonable or excessive depends on the need for the officer to use force in order to control the citizen resisting and regain control of the situation. In situations involving force, police officers expect citizens to accept the officer’s legitimacy. Officer legitimacy is the righteousness of the officer to rule, in other words having command authority over the situation at hand. Officers are supposed to enforce laws and reinforce public standards of conduct. If the officer’s legitimacy is not recognized by the civilian and resistance of any kind is presented, officers will attempt to reestablish control over the situation (Rojek, 2010, p. 302). Read more


I Moved to Saudi Arabia When I Was 13 [ESSAY]


I peered out the window of my school bus, the chattering of students now just white noise in the background, seeing only a tumble weed making its way across the desert.

Its destination?

Wherever the wind decided to blow that day.

I then searched for the lone tree, a palm tree surrounded by nothing but sand, isolated from its neighbors. This marked the halfway point to school, as if “she” had decided to uproot from “her” “home” and embark on a journey, and yet not making it to the end; as she left too early and didn’t think to bring all the provisions or think about the consequences of the journey. Every day I stared at the palm tree, trying to make sense of why it grew alone there.

Living in Orem, Utah, a  medium-sized town in a state that must be looked up, everything was quite ordinary.  The industry was all over the place: the biggest employers from Orem were Utah Valley University and a company called FG Xpress, which created a pain-relief patch of some sort.

Since second grade I had been hanging out with the same Elementary school friends at Holy Spirit Catholic School. One day over dinner, my father asked my brother and me what we thought of moving to Saudi Arabia for 5 years. Immediately thinking of an adventure, I was “gung ho.” for his idea. Little did I know how different the living conditions would be from my previous thirteen years. Read more