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Equal Pay Day: Women in Iowa make less than men across ethnicities

Data from the U.S. Census show the 2018 wage gap between women and men is about 20 percent. Equality is at the very forefront of the issues facing women today . Louisiana and Utah have the widest pay gap, with women making 70 cents for every $1 men earned. "Sixty-one percent of Americans are less likely to buy a product from a company that doesn't pay women fairly, and nearly a third will not apply to a company with a gender pay discrepancy".


Fired Saintsation files discrimination complaint against Saints

In her claim, Davis argues that the reasoning for why she was sacked violates the NFL rule prohibiting discrimination based on somebody's "race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation". "The Saints organization strives to treat all employees fairly, including Ms. Davis", Leslie A. Lanusse, a lawyer for the team, said. The complaint asserts that while female cheerleaders must heed numerous behavioral guidelines, no such restrictions exist for male ...