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Clay Matthews Injury: Updates on Packers Star's Shoulder and Return

It's been hard to tell just how serious Rodgers' injury is because the Packers haven't really practiced since Monday's win. Playing on a short week, Green Bay (5-6) has much work ahead of it with hopes of reaching the postseason. 3. Just be the "Raiders game" version of Brock Osweiler While we most certainly ARE asking Brock Osweiler to quit sailing balls over his receivers heads and to throw for more than 99 yards in a game (yes, even in wins), we are not asking him to be anything ...


Here's everything we know about Death Stranding's Guerrilla Games produced Decima engine

In a separate tweet , the film director also said, "F**K KONAMI ", and he immediately followed that up with a "VIVA KOJIMA ", congratulating the game designer on his Industry Icon award . Akira is set in 2019, which means we could see the new game in 2018. "Otherwise, I'll work with someone and his house would explode or something, you know?" I think given all the teasing it was certain that Mads Mikkelsen (arguably the best Hannibal Lecter, and recently in Doctor Strange ) would make ...

$1000 fine for taking supplies to Dakota pipeline protesters

The governor also directed state agencies, emergency service officials and nongovernmental organizations to cease providing services to the area unless the Morton County sheriff or Highway Patrol superintendent approves them. However, it does state that encouraging people to enter or remain in the area "will be subject to penalties as defined by law". A spokeswoman for the department later clarified that they'd only stick to punishing trespassers.