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Jury: Mexican man not guilty in San Francisco pier killing

Again, I'm not suggesting that necessarily makes the murder, I just don't understand how his handling of the weapon does not make him culpable for her death even if you assume the shooting itself was an accident. In the aftermath of the shooting there was a lot of finger-pointing among local officials. Trump signed an executive order to withhold funding from sanctuary cities, but a federal judge recently blocked it in a lawsuit from two California counties, San Francisco and Santa Clara.

Senate Budget Committee Approves GOP Tax Bill

But whether Trump's White House push for the legislation will be enough to win approval is uncertain. The bill still faces hurdles in the Senate with at least six senators raising sometimes contradicting concerns. After Trump's meeting with Senate Republicans, Corker said, "I think we're getting to a very good place on the deficit issue". Rep. Kevin Brady, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, made his comments Tuesday as Senate Republican leaders pushed to pass their bill this week.


Robinho sentenced to nine years for 2013 sexual assault

He is said to have attacked a 22-year-old Albanian woman along with five other men. According to a report by Sky Sports , the 33-year-old star is now in Brazil , playing for Atletico Mineiro . Robinho , 33, started his career with Santos , and as a teenager helped the Peixe to their first Serie A title for 20 years. Robinho became the most expensive player in British football when he joined Manchester City from Real Madrid for £32.5m in 2008.